Trent Swims!

Our new place has a pool that opens off our patio.  With the heat we swim 3-4 times a day, to play and sometimes just to cool off.  Trent can now swim (dogpaddle) from end to end of the pool, can swim underwater (with goggles and one hand pinching his nose) and likes to dive down to pick up things on the bottom of the pool.  The floaty suit will still be used in the ocean, but has been retired from use in the pool!



The video is cute but you have to turn your head to the right  ( :  The editing in WordPress won’t let me rotate movies like I can turn pictures–

School Closes Early

Due to a school shooting in Tepic, a town about 2 hours away, all schools in Nayarit State are to be closed 3  weeks early.  We were told on Wednesday that Friday would be the last day of the school year.  Also, to avoid any danger, there would be no year-end parties or graduation ceremonies.  

In the classroom


A gift for a girlfriend


On the playground


Gracie playing kitty


Maestra Claudia


Angie asking Trent over for a playdate after school


Kid’s Fishing Tournament at the Marina

Lots of kids, not many fish














Baby Lizard


The toybox doubles as a bathtub


Secret Hideout Part II--


Bungee Cord Edition


Members Only!

Trent Jams With Santana


After school we visited Dr. Moy for a progress check.  Trent had no problem going right in for the check-up.  Lungs clear, no more fevers or ear pain, but ear still reddened. 



Mirna is Elan and Leo’s older sister.  She lives on our block, directly behind us, so that our back yards are separated by a wall.  Mirna comes over now and then to hang out or use the computer or play with Trent.  He likes her very much and asks when she will “babysit” him.  Mirna asked me to take some pictures of her for her Facebook wall, and help her upload them.   Mirna is twelve.

There was a public presentation and show to celebrate Mother’s Day, lots of singing and dancing, a few poems etc…We only stayed until Mirna’s Mambo performance.  She and a few friends worked up a dance and made their costumes.  It was neat to have Trent watch her dancing up on stage and then take him backstage for a hug. 

Dr. Moy

Trent complained of left ear pain this afternoon so we went down to visit our doctor.  The last visit was for his skin infection in December, and Trent did not want to get checked.  I carried him in and held him just inside the door so Dr. Moy could take a look at his sores.  Three days later Trent still refused to go, so I put him in the backpack carrier at 8pm and walked down to the office, hoping he would fall asleep by the time we got there.  He did and the follow-up occured without him even knowing it.  Since then, every time we passed the office I would point and say, “Hey, there’s your doctor’s office! or “Dr. Moy is in there helping sick people.”  Envisioning having to hold him down while the doc checked his ears with an otoscope, I couldn’t have been more relieved when Trent said, “Okay, I’m ready to go see Dr. Moy now.”  Trent walked in and climbed up on the exam table and layed down without a second’s hesitation.  It turned out to be an outer ear infection rather than an inner one.  Easily treatable with drops, but no swimming or getting his head wet for 7 days, which in this heat, is much harder that taking oral antibiotics 4 times a day.  Also of concern was some wheezing in one lung.  Dr. Moy decided on an expectorant rather than antibiotics.  We return for re-check in 3 days, and I feel confident Trent will walk in on his own again. 

Football Sunset

On the way home from visiting with Kristen and Dean we sat on top of the car and watched the kids playing at the campo while the sun sank behind the trees. 

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