Luche Libre Live!

Net fishing





Trent with Citlali, my Spanish teacher’s daughter, playing at the beach. I think they had just covered her doll with sand.   


One hot and muggy day I had my hair cut

Mexican Revolution Day falls in November, and the town celebrates by having a parade.  Each school has a Flag Brigade, marches the students in uniform or costume, and the school bands play.   The boys dress as moustached revolutionaries with bandoliers like Pancho Villa and Emile Zapata, and  the girls wear colorful skirts and attach long yarn braids.   The highlight was the battle reenactment because of the noise and chaos–firecrackers snapping, randomly timed ‘booms’ for the cannon,  soldiers falling at will–it held the  kids’ attention.   



Kinder 1's dressing for the parade, except for Trent


Diego, freedom fighter from Kinder 1


The Kinder 3 class dressed for the parade


Pancho Villas and Senoritas


Watching the parade


Trent and Griffey not watching the parade


Luche Libre, or orchestrated wrestling, came to the rodeo arena in San Pancho one Sunday.  It was a warm and muggy night with lots of people in the stands and around the ring, dogs and kids running at will.   Live music started the evening and filled the lulls between matches.  It wasn’t all fighting.  Much time was spent getting introduced and strutting out to the ring,  hurling insults and being offended, getting thrown out of the ring onto the ground  and climbing back in, tag-teaming opponents, and writhing on the matt  in pseudo-agony.  These masked men in tights really know how to entertain.  At halftime some little kids in masks climbed into the ring to play around and really got into the swing of it.   







These Luche Libre pictures were taken by Donna Day, a professional photographer here in Sayulita.  As you can see, she does amazing things with light and color.   To see more of her work check out her site: 

D o n n a   D a y   P h o t o g r a p h y
Sayulita  329 291-3873
U.S.   206 282-5040  


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