Santa Sighted at Mexican Wal-Mart





Kids table--Christmas Day dinner


Hope everyone enjoyed a nice Christmas Day dinner with the kids running around and the vino flowing….as we did.  Our group was almost 20, at a lovely house with a pool and a great view.  Before we went though, Trent and I and the twins had an important errand to do.  The twins had never had their picture taken with Santa before, so we went on a Christmas Day mission to Wal-Mart.  Trent has had his picture with Santa each year, with different levels of success:
At 6 months he just looked stunned. 
At 18 months he cried. 
At 2 1/2 he looked mad. 
Was hoping that 3 1/2 would be the first year with a smile.
The kids were so excited they ran all the way to the bus stop.  We boarded for the hour-long trip to Mezcales.  Once in the store, I asked what time Santa would be arriving and was told 9, 10, 11  or 2.  No one knew for sure, and everyone disagreed.  Great!  The idea had been to pop in for the pix and then head straight back to Sayulita to the beach.  It was now 9:45, so I guessed it wasn’t going to be 9.  Because it was a special trip just for the picture, the twins told me they were sad, and didn’t want to leave. We wasted time in the toy aisle, the flat-screen TV area and on the exercise equipment.  10 o’clock came, no Santa.  11 o’clock came, no Santa.  The kids were racing child-sized mini-shopping carts up and down the aisles, scaring whole families with their calm, obedient children in tow. 
I took quick pictures in front of the cardboard cut-out of Santa, (strategically placed them to block the $35 peso price) just so they would end up with something.  



Then I corralled them all to the deli area and got a feeding in before the bus ride home.    It was time to go–mostly because having 3 little kids in Wal-Mart for 2 hours without buying anything had tired me out.  So we finished and headed out the door, and right on schedule, at 11:45, in walked Santa.
The twins posed for their picture, and it was Trent’s turn.  The pictures speak for themselves.  Although I must say that before we left, Trent asked if he could give Santa a hug goodbye, which he did.  Should’ve taken a picture of that.      
Happy Holidays!   






Punta de Mita

We spent the day with friends out at Punta de Mita, a beach and resort area about 20 minutes away.  It was quite small compared to Sayulita and the beach quite rocky.  Jetties calmed the waves down so it was easier for the kids to play in the water.  Trent tried to “surf” a bit on a kid-size foam-top surfboard on flat water, and on the shore– with success on the shore.  The day ended with a lovely sunset and a newly married couple posing for pictures on the jetty, as the band played traditional music in the restaurant. The kids were tired so we didn’t crash the reception.


Christmas Show and Potluck


Kinder 1 L to R:  Trent, Felipe, Enzo, Gracie (headband), Isabelle (pink),  Marino (serape), and Diego (standing with Mom)
This was Trent’s last week of school before 3 weeks off for vacation.  CVIS  had it’s Christmas show followed by a big potluck.  The school has 9 classes, each with 6-8 kids in it.  Grades 1-6 performed either a skit, sang songs or played the flute.  The Kinder classes, age 3, 4, and 5 each had the kids sing and dance, with varying degrees of participation.  Right before the show Trent refused to put on the shirt, pants and jingle bell bracelet that his class was wearing.  And he told me he was going to stay in his classroom and not go on stage.  I asked what it would take to get him to participate and he told me a new Matchbox car.  I readily agreed to this extortion and he suited up and sat with his class.  Up on the stage however, he and another little boy, Enzo, stood in the back frozen for the duration.  So cute to see one’s child on stage.

The potluck was fantastic, there was so much good food, it spilled out over 3 big tables.  Our little casita came equipped with a 2 burner hot plate and a micro fridge, which makes cooking  for a group a bit of a challenge.   It didn’t help that I’d forgotten the potluck aspect of the day.  So I ran over to a little store and bought a huge pack of napkins and 2 sleeves of big, round, flat tostada shells.  These came in handy as they were used as plates once the dishes ran out.  (The CVIS ethic frowns upon disposable cutlery, cups and plates.)
Later in the afternoon Trent had a birthday party to attend.  Carson, a boy in Kinder 3, turned 5.  Carson is from Toronto and he and his family are here for a year.  The party was held in a restaurant and had the biggest pinata I’d ever seen.  It took all the kids whacking Scooby Doo repeatedly to even get it to crack–finally a couple parents pulled it apart!

Today is a Sayulita Beach Clean Up day.  We’ll be taking the 2 neighbor kids (Ruben and Minerva, German but speak Spanish primarily) down for the morning clean up, then hang out and play on boogie boards in the water.

Surfing, Painting and Crab Hunting