Christmas Show and Potluck


Kinder 1 L to R:  Trent, Felipe, Enzo, Gracie (headband), Isabelle (pink),  Marino (serape), and Diego (standing with Mom)
This was Trent’s last week of school before 3 weeks off for vacation.  CVIS  had it’s Christmas show followed by a big potluck.  The school has 9 classes, each with 6-8 kids in it.  Grades 1-6 performed either a skit, sang songs or played the flute.  The Kinder classes, age 3, 4, and 5 each had the kids sing and dance, with varying degrees of participation.  Right before the show Trent refused to put on the shirt, pants and jingle bell bracelet that his class was wearing.  And he told me he was going to stay in his classroom and not go on stage.  I asked what it would take to get him to participate and he told me a new Matchbox car.  I readily agreed to this extortion and he suited up and sat with his class.  Up on the stage however, he and another little boy, Enzo, stood in the back frozen for the duration.  So cute to see one’s child on stage.

The potluck was fantastic, there was so much good food, it spilled out over 3 big tables.  Our little casita came equipped with a 2 burner hot plate and a micro fridge, which makes cooking  for a group a bit of a challenge.   It didn’t help that I’d forgotten the potluck aspect of the day.  So I ran over to a little store and bought a huge pack of napkins and 2 sleeves of big, round, flat tostada shells.  These came in handy as they were used as plates once the dishes ran out.  (The CVIS ethic frowns upon disposable cutlery, cups and plates.)
Later in the afternoon Trent had a birthday party to attend.  Carson, a boy in Kinder 3, turned 5.  Carson is from Toronto and he and his family are here for a year.  The party was held in a restaurant and had the biggest pinata I’d ever seen.  It took all the kids whacking Scooby Doo repeatedly to even get it to crack–finally a couple parents pulled it apart!

Today is a Sayulita Beach Clean Up day.  We’ll be taking the 2 neighbor kids (Ruben and Minerva, German but speak Spanish primarily) down for the morning clean up, then hang out and play on boogie boards in the water.

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