Sunday on the Sayula

We spent all day on the Sayula, a 60 foot trimaran.  This was the same boat we were on for New Year’s Eve.  The day was sunny and warm but the winds were really blowing, so after leaving the marina in La Cruz, we put the sails up and headed north along the coast.  The twins, Ruben and Minerva, as well as their cousin Nasha were along.  Ruben has been on the boat quite a bit and happily scampered around and helped with lines.  It only took 10 or 15 mins before Trent started following him around and trying to help as well.  The boat is built for lounging and that’s what we did for most of the day.  I layed on my back on a pad and studied the ropes and lines and pulleys overhead and tried to figure out what each one did.   At one point Darrin, the captain and owner, tried to set anchor in a small inlet.  He wanted to take advantage of the big waves rolling in, to surf.  He tried twice but the anchor wouldn’t or couldn’t catch and we were pushed right back out. 

After lunching and more lounging we turned the boat around and started back.  At this point the mainsail and jib were up under strong wind and everyone put on jackets.   Despite the hot sun the wind chilled us out.  We rode swells up and over and down and  began to look drunk when we moved around.  Nasha, 6 like her twin cousins, did get seasick and then went below and napped.  Niko, an actor from New York, and Danielle, Rosina’s sister, took turns in the chair piloting the boat.  Despite the wind pushing us on, the boat  needed constant correction of the wheel to keep us on course. 

Out of the blue, literally, a whale rose up and started breaching.  What a show!  It was 100 yards off our bow, so we moved closer and closer to it.  There was only one that we could see, but fortunately it was a show-off.  It popped it’s head up and out a few times, then gave us 3-4  big  jumps completely out of the water.    Naturally not one of us managed to catch it with a camera.  By now it was along the port side.   It  blew a little water out its spout, gave a splashy tail wave,  and was gone.   Fantastic! 

As we were cruising back south two of the big lounging pads took flight off the deck and over the railing into the water.  Rescue time!  It took a bit to tack around and scoop them up.  Darrin lined up the boat so we sailed right over them.  Rosina, Darrin’s girlfriend and the twins’ mom,  waited on those small metal steps in the back of the boat until each foam cushion floated near and then grabbed them.  One was 10 foot by 12 foot and stupendously heavy with all that water.  Exciting to effect a rescue, but not as thrilling as seeing the whale. 

My friend Rosina is a competent first mate.  She has learned all the ropes and winches and can put the sails up and down and ties us off in the marina.  She let me help a bit, and wow did I feel old and weak! 

It was about 5, all of us sun-spent and chilled when we neared La Cruz.  It had been a great day and I was ready to go.  Trent had been asking to go home since 3, when the novelty wore off and he got tired.  I had taken him below earlier, for some rest time on a bunk with a blanket but he didn’t sleep.  The other kids slept a bit, down below or wrapped up and on a big pad.   Now as we neared port, Darrin suggested we stay out and have a sunset cruise.  What a good call!  All the kids were down in the cabin playing or drawing.  I carried Trent down and he fell asleep in my arms, so I wrapped him up and layed him on the couch.    The sunset was gorgeous and a fitting end to one of our best days in Sayulita.



  1. Gael said,

    January 25, 2010 at 4:43 pm

    I am beyond jealous as I love to sail. How exciting….a whale close up! Trent looks as though he has been sailing for years… still need a little work! 🙂


    • January 25, 2010 at 9:51 pm

      You sail? How great is that? You need to take a few weeks off and do one of those tall ship cruises, the Windjammer ones, or something like it. Or look at the Mercy Ships floating around the world saving people and fixing kids. Some kind of sailing adventure is in Trent’s future but not sure at what age…8? 10? 4? hee hee… Like a semi-charter on someone’s boat where they know what they are doing and we slowly learn and assume more responsibility, maybe 2 months moving down a coast. Trans-Atlantic doesn’t sound so good! Too scary for me!

  2. Calysta said,

    January 25, 2010 at 7:27 pm

    Yeah– I’m officially jealous too. You are RADIATING beauty and health…. you look like a totally different woman than you were 3 months ago. Incredible. You truly look stunning, happy, relaxed…. I’m so glad you’ve found some people to chill with. This place isn’t chill enough for you…. I hope you continue to have bazillions of wonderful adventures. I love you and miss you!!!! C

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