Agua Caliente

Our hot water is heated by gas.  When we run out, we listen for one of the roving gas trucks and stand by the road to flag them down.  There are 4 different companies: Zeta, Sonic, Flo and Global.  They each announce their location by playing their theme over a loudspeaker, which gives you ample time to get to the street and stop them.  The guy then carries in a new tank and switches it out with empty one.    There is no gauge to let you know when you’re nearing empty, so the hot water can run out unexpectedly while doing the dishes or mid-shower.  A tank of gas costs 300 pesos, or about $25.



Sayulita Days

This last week we had both Sayulita Days and Flag Day to celebrate.  There was a parade, a rodeo, a carnival and lots of blaring banda music into the night.  We watched the parade, went 3 times to the carnival and couldn’t help but hear and be tortured by the music, but we missed the rodeo.  The carnival was a good time with rides and swirly-cut hotdogs and a trampoline complex.  Trent got his first yo-yo.  And broke it the next day. 

Break a bottle, get a beer. 


Last night he made Valentine’s cards for his little friends,  it was  precious.  He chose Roary the Racing car pictures, which we had printed off in a copy shop.  Then he cut them out, glued them on and put heart stickers on the cards.  Oh, he labored over where to put each sticker…and which picture to give each friend.  “Well, Ali is a girl, so she should get a girl-car picture.” “For Griffey I need a blue sticker.  Or maybe green.”  Very earnest and serious.


Mexican Lawnmowers


Young iguana down from his tree


Flowers in the yard




Trent spotted this toy chainsaw on a table at a flea market and just had to have it.  It didn’t have batteries in it so it was a risky purchase–it might not work after we got it home.  From his euphoric jumping on the bed you can guess that it did indeed work with new batteries.


Weekend Sports

with Felipe


Saturday we went out to a jungle horse ranch.  They have almost 40 horses including  a miniature horse, and a Shetland pony, who just had a full- sized colt.  Evidently the gelding in with the mares only got half gelded–the vet left one in!  It was actually an undecended testicle so they believed it wasn’t producing.  Before they figured it out he’d impregnated 3 mares.  While Ali had a riding lesson, Trent played with the trainer’s son Felipe, who is a classmate.  They had a ball playing swords and king of the hill.  Felipe has a chihuahua named Spiderman who shook and shivered even when he was held;  Trent liked to carry him around and wanted to take him home.     


Ali in her riding lesson


We are 3 and we have sticks!


Amusing themselves


Feeding Spiderman


Protecting Spiderman


Stealing Spiderman


We had a full day Sunday, lots going on here.  The Campostela baseball, or beisbal, team came to Sayulita for a re-match, and lost again, oh me oh my.  The novelty having worn off, Trent was less interested in the game this time.  He played with toys, on the swings and with other kids from school.       


Sayulita ballpark






Fans of the game


What game?




In the late afternoon we drove up to San Pancho to see some Luche Libre.  This was just a small, free exhibition in the plaza.  I believe this is where we got the WWF from…it’s choreographed wrestling by guys in lycra suits and masks.    

Luche Libre




in his luche libre mask


We returned to Sayulita in time for the 4th quarter of the Superbowl.  Raymond is from Indiana and expected a Colts blow-out.  Of course I had to bet against him just for the fun of it.  Last I checked he was still crying like a little schoolgirl.   

Naked Boy Car Wash

I picked Trent up from school in the 4Runner and we set off north of town.  The closest gas station is a Pemex 15 mins away. We filled the tank and put in a quart of oil, topped off the coolant and filled the spare gas can.  This was our first outing in the car, and Trent did not want to go home.  As we approached our place he said, “Let’s go for a ride, Mama.  We can go see Rosina (she lives a block away) or Giovanni (2 blocks) or we can go to the plaza (8 blocks). ”   When I drove into our yard he crossed his arms and gave me that oh, you never let me have fun pouty sigh of exasperation.  I expect I’ll be getting that quite a bit in the next few years!   When he didn’t get out after I parked the car, I asked,  “Do you want to help me wash it? ”    “No, Mama,” was his reply, ” I want to wash it by myself.”     













Birthday Princess Arguen


We spent  last weekend in Campostela.  It’s a 90 min drive N of Sayulita, inland.  Saturday there was a  birthday party.  Sunday we went to a baseball game, Trent’s first.  They have local teams of men, uniforms, umpires etc…and lots of families were there.    

 They must like their baseball as the town has built a significant structure: covered concrete stadium, dugouts, full fenced and well-maintained.  Trent lasted until the 7th inning stretch, but then stretched out on me and fell asleep for the rest of the game.  The home team lost by 1 run.  

Trent breaking in to a cemetary in Campostela


We saw the colonial church in the plaza and cruised around the town.  It’s quiet and calm.  No gringos.  No one in a hurry.  Not a lot of activity in the street.  The family was so kind.  Genuine people, everyone just hangs out together, all the time–not just to come see the gringos.  The women were puttering in the kitchen, the men laughing around the table, soccer was on the TV, the kids played together.  I got to practice all my Spanish, (all is relative).  Trent at first liked the attention, all the head patting and cheek kissing, but after awhile grew weary of being ‘guerito’ little whitey. We all want to visit again, and we invited them all to come to Sayulita.    





Our little casita came with a car, a 1995 Toyota 4Runner. The casita’s owner drove it down a few years ago and left it for his friends to use.   It’s the perfect kind of car for Sayulita’s dirt roads, cobblestone streets, and fjording the little rivers that appear after rainstorms. While it sat in the yard the last 6 months someone liberated the battery from under the hood.  Wouldn’t want a perfectly good battery going to waste, now would we?  I’m just glad they didn’t liberate the whole car.  The first step was to get a new battery, then get it towed to a garage, then scoped out to see if it would be feasible (affordable) to get it running.    After 3 months car-less it will be nice to be mobile.  Even if only to use it to get groceries, go to a few distant beaches, and pick people up at the airport.    

Dancing to Music Videos-Trent and Kelani at Ali's house


Ali, Selena and Trent playing in the back of the truck


Patio play area


Neighborhood kids LuisRoberto and Keselle


Leo and Elan with Trent in the wading pool