Last night he made Valentine’s cards for his little friends,  it was  precious.  He chose Roary the Racing car pictures, which we had printed off in a copy shop.  Then he cut them out, glued them on and put heart stickers on the cards.  Oh, he labored over where to put each sticker…and which picture to give each friend.  “Well, Ali is a girl, so she should get a girl-car picture.” “For Griffey I need a blue sticker.  Or maybe green.”  Very earnest and serious.


Mexican Lawnmowers


Young iguana down from his tree


Flowers in the yard




Trent spotted this toy chainsaw on a table at a flea market and just had to have it.  It didn’t have batteries in it so it was a risky purchase–it might not work after we got it home.  From his euphoric jumping on the bed you can guess that it did indeed work with new batteries.



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