Roof Repair

Our little casita is made of concrete and rebar, including the ceiling/roof.  About a month ago the paint on the ceiling started chipping off and falling on us and our table and the floor.  After alerting the landlord a couple roof guys showed up and started jackhammering the top layer of concrete off our flat roof.  We were told that a leak from our water tank up there had pooled and rusted out some of the rebar.  They placed tiles and set it all in fresh concrete.  Trent loves a project and helped out a bit.



My buddy Raymond got me started playing computer chess a few days ago.   I explained to Trent that I am trying to capture the other king before my king gets trapped.  He has watched a few of my games and tonight wanted to try playing himself.  In this program once you click on a piece, the computer lights up all the possible squares to move to, so he didn’t get too frustrated.  Once in check however, he got a little mad and his 3 year old imagination surfaced.

“The red light under your king means that he’s about to be captured, and you have a chance to move him.”

“But I don’t want to.  He likes it there.  Besides, he should have a boat or a helicopter to rescue him.  He’s a king. “


New kids in Kinder I, Luke and Lilly





Shower monster






After-school soccer program



                                                               15 minutes later 

We tried the after-school soccer class.  It’s for ages 4-6, held twice a week at the school.  The first day Trent lasted 30 minutes, then hit the swings.  The second time we took Felipe along, as he wanted to try the class as well.  Another girl from Kinder I, Gracie, participated both days too.  All 3 of these little guys lost interest pretty quickly, so we’ll let soccer go for a while.  

Tuff Guy

Last playdate with Griffey


He has returned to Haines, AK


See you next October


Rainy day


Tuckered out


Fun foam from the carnival


On the beach


Tuff guy