Casa Tortuga

While our ceiling was chipped out and re-cemented, we needed to move out for a week.  Casa Tortuga is just a block down the street from us.  It has a 2 bedroom rental unit downstairs, with a  separate 1 bedroom unit upstairs.  There’s a shared pool in the back, which after 6 months here,  was quite a luxury.  There was no internet or Sky connection but our upstairs unit was light, bright and airy.  We used the pool a couple times a day and got to invite the neighborhood kids in as well.


Niko’s Trampoline

Playdate at Luke & Lilly’s

4th Birthday Party at School




Bamboo Curtain

Secret Hideout


Dirt and Water

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Easter Egg Hunt/Mexican Pascua Peso-Toy Scramble

We had a small Easter Egg Hunt to celebrate this morning.  This was a last-minute, what can we do?  kind of thing, as there weren’t any community events to go to.  I checked out the dollar store here in Sayulita and it had absolutely nothing in the way of plastic eggs, baskets, chocolate bunnies, peeps or candy.   I thought about the 1 peso gum ball machines that dispense little toys  in a clear plastic bauble.    Trent is always finding these machines (and then asking for money to use in them.)  They worked perfectly as “eggs” with a prize inside, wrapped in colored paper and strewn throughout the yard.  The hard part was getting enough 1 peso coins–with 4 kids I needed at least 50.   But there is no bank in town, and no store would let me “buy” 1 peso coins.  The bus drivers let me buy them, but only 10 per driver, so I spent a half hour at the bus stop waiting for more busses to come.

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Niko’s mom, Paulina, took these pictures and then tricked them out with Photoshop.  Darren, Paulina and Niko moved into the house next door about a month ago.  Couldn’t ask for nicer neighbors!  Although they go to different schools, Trent and Niko are the same age and play together everyday. 


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