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Kristen and Dean Arrive

Trent and I surprised Kristen and Dean by picking them up at the airport.  They were game so we looped around to Punta de Mita for lunch on the beach.  The ceviche might just be the best I’ve had yet in Mexico! The surf was up and both Ruben and Rosina caught waves.  Trent played with Minerva and I drank Coronas…


A spay/neuter clinic is offered free of charge by the local non-profit SayulitAnimals for 4 days each month.  A vet and her vet tech came in from Ukiah, CA and “altered” 101 cats and dogs.  Volunteers help in pre-op by weighing the animals, restraining them while the meds are injected, and shaving the site.  After the mini-surgery we help in post-op by monitoring pulse and temp, cleaning ears, applying flea and mite sprays, and pulling ticks off.  Once the animals are stable and starting to wake,  we move them back into their kennels to await their owners.

Bigger Pool

For Trent’s 4th birthday we got a bigger play pool for the yard.  This pool-in-a-box came from Wal-Mart and as advertised, took less than an hour to set up. 


The students in Kinder 1 had their faces painted in celebration of National Kid’s Day.

Pirate Ship Adventure


The Black Pearl is a pirate-themed tourist cruise out of Puerto Vallarta.  The crew is costumed and entertain with lots of acting, singing and dancing. The destination is a small beach which offers a bit of snorkeling, volleyball, banana boat rides and a treasure hunt for the kids.   

The Inmans Visit

John, Nicole and Liam came for 2 week’s vacation and stayed at Casa Tortuga in the 2 bedroom unit.  She brought water guns which were a big hit. We spent tons of time in the pool and Trent progressed from floaty suit, to water wings, to “practice sessions” of dogpaddling towards me without any assistance.  He still likes and uses the floaty suit in the ocean. 

Liam put on a CVIS shirt and joined in the Mother’s Day performance.  That was probably why Trent  participated.


Mechanically opening up the non-pouring, easy-pour spout…

Trent about to launch off the step and dogpaddle towards me.

Casa Tortuga

While our ceiling was chipped out and re-cemented, we needed to move out for a week.  Casa Tortuga is just a block down the street from us.  It has a 2 bedroom rental unit downstairs, with a  separate 1 bedroom unit upstairs.  There’s a shared pool in the back, which after 6 months here,  was quite a luxury.  There was no internet or Sky connection but our upstairs unit was light, bright and airy.  We used the pool a couple times a day and got to invite the neighborhood kids in as well.

Niko’s Trampoline

Playdate at Luke & Lilly’s

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